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Dywiann Xyara - Isles of Time

In Dywiann Xyara's book, Isles of Time, the relations between holistic and reductionistic thinking patterns are portrayed.
Therefore Dywiann used the symbol of the isle, because every island appears to have no relation to each other at first sight - and yet they are highly interwoven and intertwined underneath the surface...
...until it leads us to ideas about the issue of the figure and the background; Hence, we find the question where the figure really ends...
The borders between figure and background seem to be quite blurred, similar to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. It states that one can not determine the position and momentum, a.k.a. velocity and direction, of an elementary particle at the same time in equal sharpness.
If you like the ideas I would highly recommend you this book!

This book is filled with 13 different surreal drawings as well.
Really polarising, there arises a really tricky symbiosis between art and science;
Because the world of art may appear liquidly free in comparison to the solid empire of science, and yet nothing is as dreamy as the poetry of reality combined with an artistic bent deep in its core.

ISBN 978-0244812744
Amount of pages 46
Date of publication September 24th 2019
Publisher self published at lulu.com
Print full color

You can order it on lulu here.