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Dywiann Xyara - Mathematical Landscapes

Combining art and science may be a tightrope walking, but Mathematical Landscapes beautifully crosses both fields of human endeavor. It is a beautiful mixture for science- as well as for art enthusiasts and gives new insights to very old mysteries...

What could consciousness be from the sight of a logician?
And which roles play structures and processes in this question?

The concepts of the interplay between mathematical structures as well as physical process give insights about solutions to very strange logical mysteries, better known as paradoxes.

If you are willing to discover the chaos inside yourself, this book may perhaps interest you!

But even chaos can give birth to something that appears to be a super-ordinated order...

Welcome to the world of Mathematical Landscapes!

This book contains 22 surreal drawings.

ISBN 978-3710341892
Amount of pages 128
Date of publication October 15th 2019
Publisher united p.c.
Print black-white

You can order it on amazon here.