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Dywiann Xyara - Mathematical Surrealism

The project Mathematical Surrealism was started in August 2016 and published in 2019 as a book. The target is to spread the love of math in a very poetic way.

It is a poem series about mathematical and physical issues. The target group is for people who give mathematics and physics a second chance.

Whilst no mathematical knowledge is needed, both surreally and abstractly, yet about a very real topic, Dywiann tries to dig deeper into the core of reality. Together the poems build up on each other and form a holistic message; They are about paradoxes and the problem modern physicists struggle with; to find the Theory of Everything!

In the heart of this project the reader will cross lots of surreal thoughts about the many layers of reality, and how the world looks through the eyes of a mathematician.

ISBN 978-0244811044
Amount of pages 70
Date of publication October 6th 2019
Publisher self published at lulu.com
Print black-white

You can order it on amazon here.