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Dywiann Xyara - Physics of the Mind

Dywiann's upcoming book Physics of the Mind crosses the borders between art and science one more time. Other than in her previous books, her focus lies more within the text rather than in her drawings in this project.

Many analogies form bridges between principles in physics and mathematics, and (surreal) art. It can be seen as an introspective approach to grasp the nature of scientific concepts, and results not just in better understanding the internal world, but also the external one!

Adjusting one's own thinking to work more efficiently, art and science are firstly considered as two ways of how to process information…
Secondly, the vivid interactions between these thinking processes can form the structure of a strange loop and give birth to a self-replicating process of thinking...

ISBN yet unknown
Amount of pages yet unknown, but estimated between 80 and 100 pages
Date of publication soon
Publisher yet unknown
Print black-white