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Ambigrams are words that you can rotate 180 degrees and either see the same word in the rotated or a different word. Making them can be pretty tricky, and not all words work out well. But I tried some. And here is my tiny collection of them.

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Ambigram Magister Discipulus

This is an ambigram which means, in this case, that if you rotate it 180 degrees, you'll see another word. Here you'll see 'discipulus' first, the latin word for 'student'. If you rotate it, you'll see the latin word 'magister' that means 'teacher'. This belongs to a thought that every student is also a teacher in some manners, and vice versa. You can hover over the image and the discipulus will turn into a magister.

Ambigram Magister Discipulus
Ambigram Love Hate
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