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Focus of Colour

The world may appear grey sometimes. In such moments it is very important to focus on something in which we truly delight!

Sometimes it may be the simple things in life, and indeed, the simplest things are the most beautiful ones too!

This collection is about the wonders of the simple things in life. Edited with a coloursplash filter there arises a wonderful representation of focusing on something special.

Sometimes we just have to see the broad range of colours that lie in the things we have to focus on.

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Autumn Awaits

Everything is cyclic and so are the seasons; Autumn may bring the dark upon us, and it lets everything perish slowly. Nevertheless after every end of a period there comes a new beginning too. We are all here on this precious world called by us Earth But we rarely become conscious about the very amazing wonders that lie in mother nature... Sometimes we need to gaze at the night sky to become conscious (again) that we are children of the stars...

Autumn Awaits
Rain Drops and Drops of Colour
The Sun on Earth