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Dywiann Xyara / The Mystery of Paradoxes

In this picture are many hidden symbols and thoughts. The planet is a symbol for the macrocosm, whilst the atom is a symbol for the microcosm.

The thoughts behind it include the conflict between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. There arises a common paradox if one combines these theories. For instance the General Relativity sees the universe deterministically, which means that something is either there or not, but not both. Also causality is strict in means of deterministic cause and effect. Quantum Mechanics, on the other side, sees the universe probabilistically, which means that something can be there in given probabilities. Also, causality has a twisted sense in probabilistic systems, for one can’t determine the exact long-term result.

The ghost has two snakes on it that seem to be merely aggressive. This is also a symbol for contradiction and conflicts. They look each other in the eye, which means facing the opposites.

Then the ghost also represents a special figure-background relationship.

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