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Dywiann Xyara / The Power of Bonds

In this picture one can see the bonding of the dipole molecule water, H2o. This reaction is an oxidation where four hydrogen atoms (or two hydrogen molecules) bond with two oxygen atoms (or one oxygen molecule) to form two water molecules.

This is the reaction formula: 2 H2 + O2 → 2 H2O

A dipole molecule is a molecule in which the electronegativity of the components (atoms) form an asymmetrical distribution of the bonding electrons. The components of water have the following electronegativity: Oxygen: 3.44 Hydrogen: 2.20 – Because of the special angle in the water molecule ( 104.5°) there arise two poles; The part of the oxygen is the negative pole, the part of hydrogen the positive pole. Yet the entire molecule is electrically neutral.

The plus and the minus in the bottom of the picture are symbols for poles.

The ghost stands for a special figure-background relationship.

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