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Dywiann Xyara / Center of Life

Combining Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in one picture it forms the center of the clock of Isles of Time. The colours are decent, red, blue and green.

On the left it represents the wave-particle dualism in quantum mechanics in physics. There a particle can be a wave and vice versa.

On the right there are biology and chemsitry combined.The green thing forms a double helix or DNA string and ends in an USB-stick blowing/ sucking the letters T, A, C and G for Thymine, Adenine, Cytosine and Guanine, the four nucleobases for our DNA. Inside the double helix there are the atoms that are most common in our DNA: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen.

The construction in the middle stands for the abstract concept of time as fourth dimension.Also there is a snake biting its own tail for symbols of tori (topology) and closed causalities and so called "tangled hierarchies".

Then there is the gost that is a kind of figure of the “background” that’s the picture itself. Thus we can conclude that it is not easy to differentiate between figure and background. Well, this was intentional for in reality both figure and background seem to blurr together. The best example for this is decoherence, a principle in which everything wants to interact and every particle changes each other.

And the checkerboard pattern is a sign for a mathematical base, perhaps that everything could be mathematical and that everything is a kind of (nested) spacetime.

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