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Mathematical Landscapes

Let's dig deeper into the logical foundation of our universe! - This is what this art series is about.

And again, each picture has its own meaning - reductionistically viewed, but together they shape a holistic view too. This can be seen in the leading symbols of this series.

The leading symbols are:

- the ghost: symbolizes that the ghost is both an obeserver, for it observes the mathematical landscapes and is an observed object itself too, for it's part of the drawing the observer of the artworks observes.
- the mask: symbolizes that things may appear different than they actually are.
- the lamp: symbolizes science for it brings light into the dark and converts the unknown into the known.
- the shadow: symbolizes the enigmas that are yet unsolved; Shadow arises out of the interplay between the lamp and the ghost; It is the interplay of observing the scientific facts where new riddles arise out of solving previous problematiques.
- the geometrical grid: symbolizes the entire mathematical-logical ground everything is founded by.

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Photosynthesis of the cocoon

Everything evolved out of the big nothingness, even space and time themselves! This drawing shows evolution from the sight of a surreal logician where complex DNA (the leaves) arises out of time, shadow and light. The cocoon is also a symbol for transformation and change.