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Oddities of Space

Did you ever wonder how strange space and time are? They are thrilling topics I use in a lot of my art. This series contains photomanipulations about spacetime, spacetime distortion and gravity. In each picture is a klein bottle. Klein bottles are non-orientable surfaces. The thrilling part about non-orientable surfaces is you are on the inside as well as on the outside at the same time, one can't differentiate between outside and inside.

But what does it have to do with spacetime?

In my hypotheses I often speak about a mathematical 'phenomenon' called Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem.

This theorem states that, within the system and the rules it contains, the system can't be proven nor disproven. Therfor it must be incomplete. But if you say it's complete, it becomes paradox in the way that it becomes self-referent and explains itself.

Further down the rabbit hole it leads to an intuitive thought I had about paradoxes themselves. Spacetime itself is a living paradox for itself. You may ask yourself why - so let me tell you the reason!

There are two pillars of modern physics, one states that the universe is probabilistic and the other one states that the universe is fully deterministic; Quantum Mechanics versus General Relativity! In Quantum Mechanics, which looks at the smallest, everything behaves utterly chaotic, elementary particles superpose and nothing is certain. But in General Relativity, where the huge structures of space are in focus, everything has a determinable cause and effect.But what if both statements are true? This, my dear friends, is when paradoxes are born in the furnace of pure contradiction!

Welcome to ordered chaos!

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Oddities of Space I

What is the difference between mathematical and physical reality, you may ask. I could tell you; The devil lies in the details, my dearest friend. The oddity of the texture of space lies in quantum entanglement. Quantum mechanical behaviour is too odd for a human mind to understand, especially if we are bound to a kind of binary thinking that only allows 'true' or 'false'. Fact is, the smallest we perceive is a wired net of interconnected systems that interact so wildy and intensely.

Oddities of Space I
Oddities of Space II
Oddities of Space III