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Toroidal Hypersphere

Welcome to my art series "Toroidal Hypersphere"!

This collection is about evolution, especially about cyborgs (mixtures of humanoid beings and robots). It also crosses mathematical issues like the beginning of time.

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Mechanical Heart

I started this drawing back in 2013 and finally finished it in 2017. It was drawn with blue ballpoint pen and red pencil. After the procedure of drawing I photoshopped it black-red.If you look closely, you'll remark that the heart consists of jigsaw puzzle pieces, a symbol for the riddle of life that lies inside us. Actually, we carry the biggest mystery inside ourselves - mysteries like aging and related processes of learning - things the modern world still tries to define. And the biggest mystery of it all - consciousness!

Mechanical Heart
Evolve the Mathemagician
The Steps towards Perfection
The Beginning of Time
Chalice of the Dark Unknown
Mind Hack
Cosmic Evolution