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Mathematical Surrealism

The project Mathematical Surrealism was started in August 2016. The target is to spread the love of math in a very poetic way.

It is a poem series about mathematical and physical issues. The target group is for people who give mathematics and physics a second chance.

Whilst no mathematical knowledge is needed, both surreally and abstractly, yet about a very real topic I try to dig deeper into the core of reality. Together the poems build up on each other and form a holistic message; They are about paradoxes and the problem modern physicists struggle with; to find the Theory of Everything!

In the heart of this project the reader will cross many surreal thoughts about the many layers of reality and how the world looks through a mathematician's eyes.

Mathematical Surrealism by © Dywiann Xyara


Beyond the Borders of our Understanding

Mathematical Beauty

Abstractions of Reality

The Puzzle of Life


Contradictory Tautology


The Perfused Fractal

Dancing on Möbius Strips

Inside a Klein Bottle

Platonic Thoughts in Non-Euclidean Space

Holistic Reductionism in the Spiral of Recursion

The Mystery of the Sphere

Misconception of Chaos

Multi-Dimensional Fractals

Principles of Synergetics and Dancing Opposites

Deterministic Chaos

Laplace and Poincare

Quantum Mechanical Melodies

The Rhythm of General Relativity

The Symphony of Grand Unification

Phi Dance

Elementary Particles of Numbers

Chapter I - Beauty of Abstraction

Can you see

beyond the complexity

of simplicity?

Beyond the borders

of our understanding

lie orders

far beyond our reasoning.

Sine and cosine – Sequences

that never end;

How can you even comprehend

their nature of helices?

Beyond the borders

of our limited view

lie uncountable wonders

that always grew.

How can you even grasp

what lies beyond our imagination?

How can you dare to fill the gap

of a very intertwined contradiction?

That, my dear,

means trying something new,

taking another view

and killing one's own fear.

To make difficult things simple,

that's the ultimative riddle.

To convert the unknown

to the known

in a way no one has ever thought before,

that's the most beautiful lore.

Can you dare to think the impossible,

to solve the things

they told you

were unsolvable?


or merely the combination of thoughts

that were thought before,

they become beautiful, even more...


and individuality;


and reductionism...

But, my friends,

what is (mathematical) beauty

even supposed

to be?

Starting with as few assumptions

as possible,

generating solutions

as easy as solvable;

Generalizing solutions

to solve similar issues;

shaping conclusions;

the implication continues...

That, my dear friends,

is why mathematics never ends;

Driven by beauty;

that's the mathematician's most joyful duty.

The abstraction of logic

is the best evidence

that logic itself

is a kind of creativity.

It's indeed a creative act

to discover the laws of nature

and to overthink them

to summarize them

in simple equations.

Mathematical abstraction

is the highest form of abstraction itself,

yet I have to say

that physical laws should have

mathematical beauty as well.

Reality is such a bizarre construct

that can't be easily reconstructed

for it's so complex

if we zoom into the details

and think about the big puzzle as well.

And, let me tell you,

the devil lies in the details,

for nothing is ever smooth

in the physical world

of fractal-like patterns.

There's so much complexity

beared in our universe.

Zooming in and zooming out,

that's how I came to know

of the many layers of reality!

The universe is a jigsaw puzzle,

and every piece is an entire jigsaw puzzle

again and again.

Zooming in and zooming out,

that's how I found

the many layers of my very own personality!

The personality is so complex,

nested in a world

of far greater complexity!

But what is the personality

of the entire universe

supposed to be?

How can we dare to find the universe's very true face

if it's only a scattered self,

born by broken symmetry!?

Chapter II - Logical Mysteries

I'm a wrong tautology,

a broken analogy

of a true contradiction

that lost all direction.

Directionless I walk,

vectors become closed loops;

Wordless I talk,

collecting vectors into uncountable groups.

I'm a true contradiction,

don't falsify me

or you'll lose all your affection

towards everything I used to be.

I'm the burning ice

of a predictable dice,

the frozen fire

of your very last desire.

All I can hear

is the void of tranquillity,

the mirrored reality

in which I am, now and here!

I'm listening to your tone.

Fading to one's own existence

my miserable brain tries

to make the incomprehensible


You are a riddle,

my very personal Theory of Everything,

the mystery

which binds me more

than the thought of the best hypothesis

to explain you,

because you are unapproachable.

Every analogy to describe you

fails to express your true complexity.

Perhaps you are


- and I dare to say "only" -

an analogy of recursive analogies,

a loop opening into itself,

that provides consciousness

here and there.

I hear you

in each of my thoughts,

see you

in everything

that is in front of me,

recognize you

in all your variations,

because you are diversity.

You are God.

You are chaos,

you are life.

And I would give everything

to understand you.

But this would probably


end in fatal inception;

I see it coming;

Because no human of this or another time

can ever fathom

the unfathomable.

Perhaps it's indeed a fact

that I will never comprehend you.


do facts still exist

if they have fractions

bearing inside themselves?

...if they themselves are not fundemental building blocks

as well as the metaphorically decaying, zero-dimensional point particles.

Who are you? Who am I?

I am the universe, and you are me!

I am the fact, you the analogy,

but in the upshot

we are one

in perfection.

Analogy is fact,

and fact is analogy;

Isn't this simply



of unequal sides

proves to be paradoxical

at first sight.

But this holistic thought shows

that reductionism

isn't far away too.

Two-dimensional images

of three-dimensional objects

show up quickly

in the dazzing nature

of light.

Thus nothingness is indeed

the foundation of everything

and the world

only a single projection

of twisted loops,

mirrored, knotted,

twisted in the ocean

of spatio-temporal paradoxes.

I'm an analogy,

of an analogy,

self-reference characterizes me.

I'm full,

so I'm empty at the same time,

the sheet that fills itself,

the black hole of my self,

a closed causality

that's never fully closed;

The perfused fractal!

You will never know who I am,

yet you know it already

since the beginning of your time.

Because I am you,

and you are me.

Chapter III - Topological Disasters

Chapter IV - Into the Heart of Chaos Theory

Chapter V - Sounds of Physical Reality

Chapter VI - The Exploration of Numbers