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Dywiann Xyara - Biography

I am Dywiann Xyara and revolved 22 times around our home star on this wonderful organism called by us "Mother Earth".

My hobbies and passions include mathematics, the purest of the art forms, physics, surreal and abstract art, some sort of weird mathematical logic as subset of cognitive science, say the formalizing of human thinking, and after all, writing about these hobbies!

Furthermore I am a published bi-lingual writer, mainly focused on non-fiction, and artist, escpecially in surrealism. Crossing the borders between art and science has had a huge impact on my life, it shows me that even the impossible could be possible in some means - crossing opposites can not just seem very daring, but it is merely like a fathomless abyss whose deepest depths reveal themselves as the highest heights as well!